Al Madina at a glance

Al Madina is engaged in processing, packing and distribution of Foodstuff items i,e Sugar, Rice, Water, Spices, Cooking Oil, Oman Coffee etc. We are providing distribution and retail services to our business partners for that we have a warehouse storage facility. We have efficient distribution channels for providing product to our valued customers.

01. Refining of Raw Sugar

02. Sugar packing & Distribution

03. Wholesale of miscellaneous food products

Why Choose us ?


Our commitment to deliver on what we promise aligned with our customers’ high expectations.

Higher product quality

We provide a full range of sugar qualities with privileged access to very high quality sugar.

Global access

A global footprint, an international team, and on-the-ground presence.

Our Expert

Our Team

Majid Saif Al Shidi

Majid Saif Al Shidi

Adil Saif Al Shidi

Adil Saif Al Shidi

Nasser Rashid Al Shidi

Nasser Rashid Al Shidi


We commit to provide quality products now and forever.

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